Nanosoft AS

Headquartered in Norway, we’re a dynamically growing company presented globally through our international team and vast partner network. We expand across the globe to ensure that our solutions are easily accessible to customers worldwide and cater for the evolving needs of the market.

Nanosoft AS solutions are used in 140+ countries. Our exclusive engineering ecosystem is represented by nanoCAD 23 with its native DWG format allowing for seamless interaction with alternative CAD systems. Users can expand it with specialized modules and go for network licenses to reduce business costs. As a company committed to the future of the global CAD community, we offer free nanoCAD 23 licenses to students and educators, as well as free access to the legacy version of nanoCAD for everyone taking first steps in the CAD world.

An important element of our philosophy rolls around the idea that any developer can easily port and adapt their own applications to nanoCAD. That’s why we provide nanoCAD APIs for free and support the developer community.

Our mission is to create a great product that takes care of our customers and thereby confirms the reputation of the nanoCAD brand, which personifies quality and customer service.

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