About Nanosoft

Since 2008 AO Nanosoft has offered innovative development methods and software distribution.

We are focused on the creation of cost-effective CAD solutions. Nanosoft provide the ideal vehicle for the mass upgrade from the use of unlicensed CAD software to the use of legitimate software. We do our best to minimize any transfer effects experienced by our customers. That is why; one of the main goals of our development is free software products.

Nanosoft isn’t just one more software company. Our products have the following advantages:

  • Suited to a wide range of professions
  • Cost effective usage and implementation
  • Compatible with popular CAD formats
  • Easy to use and have no special requirements for hardware.

All Nanosoft’s software is developed for the end user.

To keep our products up to date and meet the demands of our customers we provide direct support along with training and consulting services. A subscription service for updates is also available.

Nanosoft is like a community of professionals, who bring their ideas to life and always achieve their goals. Our team consists of people, who have been working in the Russian CAD market since the late 1980s. A lot of our colleagues have been involved in the development of innovative software and have taken part in many successful national and international projects.

Nanosoft is a young and rapidly developing company. We are always glad to hear from our partners and customers so please feel free to contact us any time.


Yours truly,
Nanosoft Team

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